About Us

Our Story

PNG Handcraft Collection began as an aim to help our local community in our homeland, Papua New Guinea. Because of this, we pride ourselves in bringing you authentic products made in Papua New Guinea and products made by Papua New Guineans.

The idea originated from our most recent trip back home in Christmas of 2022. After seeing all the uniquely crafted products handmade by the local members of the community, we were in absolute awe and it lead us to our journey today.

In order to support not only our people but those who enjoy and want to share our culture, we choose select items for our collections which include our infamous 'Bilum Earrings' and others.

Why Us?

When you buy from PNG Handcraft Collection, your support goes a long way. Not only does it help us to provide you with the most uniquely made products, but it also supports the hands that made them.

This means providing opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be there for our local craft marketers. This allows our own PNG made products to be enjoyed on a larger scale.

Meet the Team

The face of the business

Florence Kamen

Florence Kamen was born and raised in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. She first arrived in Australia in 2004 with her husband and four children along side her.

She has always had a passion for sales, specifically starting her own small business one day, but at the heart of it all she aspired to give back to her communities back home, not only in Mount Hagen, but in Port Moresby where she lived.

With the help of her two lovely daughters, Florence's dreams eventually became a reality. Her very first opportunity began at the PNG Independence Day Celebrations in 2022, which shortly after turned into a regular appearance at the Carseldine Farmers and Artisan Markets every Saturday.

After spending the 2022 Christmas holidays in PNG with her family, she was inspired by the local markets and artisans to promote PNG made products on a broader scale. Since her return from PNG in February 2023, she began to really hone in on her small business.

products manager

Victoria Kamen

Victoria Kamen is Florence's eldest child who was only 11 when the family touched down on Australian soil. She's always had a heart for helping others which eventually lead to a career is Nursing and Midwifery.

Apart from working for QLD Health, she is now the products manager at PNG Handcraft Collection.

Digital media and marketing

Gloria (Mona) Kamen

Gloria Kamen, otherwise known as Mona, is Florence's last born child who was only 20 months when her and the family moved to Australia.

She is currently pursuing a career in nursing whilst working part-time and now oversees the digital and media marketing for PNG Handcraft Collection.