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We provide a selection of different coffees from roasted beans to grounded coffee and instant so you can enjoy a fresh and flavourful cup of premium blends featuring 100% pure arabica-grade beans. 

Enjoy a cup of coffee that is smooth, robust, and full of flavor.

Having recently become distributors of Togoba Kofi from the Western Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea, we now have a range of flavours to enjoy. 

Why Togoba Kofi? 

"Togoba Kofi, coffee handpicked predominantly from Nebilyer in Western Highlands Province is a lot closer to our hearts. Our grandmother who was an influential part of our lives comes from Nebilyer. Growing up, she was an amazing coffee grower in her home, Opral Village in Nebilyer. She relied on her income from selling coffee beans, and as a child, I (Victoria) remember her picking the red coffee cherries whilst teaching me about coffee beans. She would then dry them on a large blue canvas along with other relatives in the village. These were some core memories of being in Nebilyer for Christmas Holidays, the best time of our year. 

For us, selling Togoba Kofi means more than just selling the beans, it comes from core memories of cherry picking, hand peeling and seeing a village full of canvases under the Hagen sunshine. Drinking this coffee comes with pride and joy, knowing we're having a cup of coffee from the hands of our people. And it's a beautiful experience with an aromatic cup of coffee to start our days. All three of us start our mornings with a beautiful robust cup of coffee."


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